Lyrics of Eminem So Cold (2023)

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Lyrics of Eminem - Cold Wind Blows
I'm as cold as the cold wind blows When it snows and it's twenty below zero Ask me why, man, I just don't know No-no-no, no-no, no, I'm as cold as the cold wind blows blow-blow-blows blow-blow, blows, oh, oh-oh fuck it, I'm a loose gun, Bruce Banner's back in the booth, you're all sitting ducks, I'm the only goose that's standing

Lyrics of Empire Cast - So Cold
Usain gonna run, gotta keep running Won't stop 'til I'm up Baby, like... Cold, never seen a chick that cold Never seen a whip that cold Tell me, have you ever seen a chick that cold? (no) They're like, "No, we've never seen a chick so cold" I've never seen a chain of gold so (bling) I've never seen a wrist so frozen (frozen) Diamonds on my neck , all shine

Lyrics of Eminem - Stay Wide Awake
Lyrics of Eminem "Stay Wide Awake" Yo, yo, follow me Come with me to the dark side of the force No man would bravely go to this place The devil only knows this world So dark and oh so cold, it's oh so cold Oh so cold oh as soon as my flow starts i compose art like the ghost of Mozart. While they all say they're real, I know most aren't

Eminem - So Bad Lyrics
First I kiss your navel, work my way down, baby, you can lie down on the table, but you might want to find something more stable. I told you I'm not fooling from the gate April But thank you for staying April I'll make you appreciate me Differentiate me from these fake little rotten and lousy fake Gs

Lyrics of Eminem - Stan
My tea has gone cold I wonder why I got up in the first place The morning rain clouds my window and I can't see anything at all And even if I could it would all be gray but your picture on my wall reminds me it's not it's bad, it's not that bad [Eminem:] Dear Stan, I was going to write you earlier but I was busy right now

Lyrics of So Cold by Ben Cocks
"So cold" Oh you can't hear me cry. See my dreams all die from where you're standing. It's so quiet here and I'm so cold This house doesn't feel like home anymore. (Ooooooohhhhh mmmmhhhhhhh...) [x2] Oh when you told me you were leaving I felt like I couldn't breathe. My aching body fell to the ground. Then I called you at home

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Lyrics of Eminem - Sing For The Moment
Alone in his own zone, cold and he doesn't care, he's a problem kid, and what bothers him all comes out when he talks about his fucking dad going out (bitch!) because he hates him so much that he blocks him out If he ever saw him again he would probably knock him out. His mind is crazy, he's crazy, so he talks back

Lyrics of Eminem - Space Bound
I'll blow my brains in your lap. Lying here and dying in your arms. Fall on my knees and I beg I try to keep you from walking from breathing I put both hands on your throat I sit on top of you and squeeze until I snap your neck like a popsicle stick

Lyrics of Eminem - Stan
My tea has gotten cold. I wonder why me? I got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds my window And I can't see a thing And even if I could it would be gray But your picture on my wall It reminds me it's not that bad. It's not that bad Dear Mister, I'm too bad to call or write to my fans. This will be the last package I ever send you

Eminem - Hailie's Song Lyrics
I act like shit, don't mind, inside it drives me crazy My insecurities might eat me alive But then I see my baby, suddenly I'm not crazy anymore It all makes sense when I look into her eyes, oh, no, cause sometimes it feels like the world is on my shoulders. Everyone leans on me because sometimes it feels like the world is almost over

Lyrics by Eminem - Directlyrics
Read all the lyrics from Eminem's new album Kamikaze now. The Detroit rapper surprisingly released his tenth studio album last night (August 30). "Kamikaze" is a 13 track project...

Eminem - Lose Yourself Songtext
But hold your nose, because this is where the cold water flows. These hoes don't want him, he's a cold product. They moved on to the next Schmoe that flows, it unfolds, I suppose it's old, partner But the beat goes on: da da dum da dum da da da da You better lose yourself in the music

Eminem - The Ringer Lyrics
What I'll never be is flawless, all I'll ever be is honest A bottle full of malt liquor But I couldn't bottle this shit anymore The fact that I know I've hit bottom

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Lyrics of Eminem - Killer
[Eminem {Jack Harlow}:] (Killer) Yeah, I'm a (Boy's crazy), I'm a cold-blooded (Killer) Made all this money {Yeah, look} D.a. got the stuff [Eminem:] Now count it, five, ten, yeah, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, yeah, get that money, throw it in the oven, yeah, that shit is funny, earn it, just for it to burn, booty drip— [Jack...

Lyrics of Eminem - No Apologies
A fondness for disasters, and if that's the case, then -. No excuses! No, jerk, I'm not sorry. You can all sue me, you all could be the reason for me. No excuses! You all feel the power of me. No regrets for me like there's no refuge for me. No, no excuses! not acknowledging you at all.

Lyrics of Eminem - Cold Wind Blows
They came to see you spit your game, oh oooh, but it shouldn't be difficult to explain why you came back again. You hate the fame love the game go again oh god damn is it that time again?

Lyrics of Eminem - Not Afraid
I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid) To take a stand (take a stand) Everyone (everyone) Come take my hand (Come take my hand) We walk this path together, through the storm cold or warm I'll let you just know that you are not alone

Lyrics of Eminem - Deja Vu
So lonely and cold It's like something takes over me As soon as I walk home and close the door Somehow it feels like deja vu I want to get away from this place I do But I can't and I won't say That I tried but I know it's a lie 'cause I don't And why? I just don't know, maybe just a nice cold brew, what a beer is

Eminem - Nice lyrics
Eminem told the Observer Music Monthly in May 2009, "It's the only thing I've actually been able to listen to and feel good about. It takes me back to a time when I was really depressed and down, but at the same time it reminds me of what this space is like and where you should never go back."

Lyrics of Eminem - On Fire
'Cause when you hot it's like you burn everybody else's cold (you burn) Man I'm so, I'm so hot, my motherfuckin fire truck's on fire, homie (you're on fire) You gotta stop, drop and 'Cause when you say that shit to blow the whole hip hop place up (You're on fire) Yeah, oh shit (You're on fire) File corrections

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Lyrics of Stay Wide Awake - Eminem
A world so cold A world only some go to but won't return when they'll learn where they're going only God knows stay wide awake. Fe fi fo fum. I think I smell the scent of a placenta. I enter Central Park, it's dark winter in December I see my destination with my car and park it and approach a tender

Dido - Thank You Lyrics
Lyrics of the song "Thank you". Dido Lyrics "Thank you" My tea has gone cold I wonder why I even got out of bed The morning rain clouds my window And I can't see a thing And even if I could everything would be gray But your picture on my wall It Reminds me it's not that bad It's not that bad I drank too much last night, gotta pay bills My head's right now

Eminem - Sway In The Morning (Freestyle) Songtext
You might want to go to the emergency exits I'm coming through like a wrecking ball You'd swear I hold Miley in high regard And I respect her as I hit her back I'm a sexist, I drive a Lexus Textses insane, and I'm in Texas with a chainsaw, wait, did I forget that

Lyrics of Eminem - 25 To Life
Did me a favor even though my mind is free you said. But I have kept a special place for you in my heart. It's unfortunate, but it is. Too late for the other side. Caught in a chase, 25 to live. Too late for the other side. Caught in a chase, 25 to live. I feel like when I bend over backwards for you, you just laugh.

Lyrics of Juice WRLD - Relocate
If there's ever a problem, I'll call a couple of troubleshooters. They prefer and put a hole in your wig. Yes, you and your friends, you kill our vibes, we kill your men. Heck, we're gonna spray the whole scene, then slide back. I'll just pass the whole thing on a Chanel bag. But it still hasn't made a dent in my stash

Lyrics of EMINEM - SO BAD
So bad I'm so good, man I'm so bad I guarantee I'll be the best you've ever had. 'Cause you've never met anyone like me. And you won't want to fuck anyone anymore. I'm synonymous with a dash of Cuervo. First I kiss your navel, work my way down. Baby you can lie down on the table

Eminem - Seduction Lyrics
Lyrics by Eminem. "Seduction". Like a verbal seduction, though. Seduction when I tell them girls on the floor I don't know man (go-go-go) just feels like we're very different (right now) (girl on the floor) it kinda feels (like a verbal seduction when) i a Whole am other side straight than you (Girls on the floor)

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Songtext von Sik World - Cold Hearted
Details you kept leaving out made me question you again and again. Always had doubts in me. And I knew you always knew. I finally see it now. You hurt me with lies the round Your ego won and you lose 'Cause you'll never see me now Having a heart drives you nuts

Imagine Dragons - Natural Songtext
You gotta be so cold To make it in this world Yes you're a natural Living your life Cutthroat You gotta be so cold Yes you're a natural Deep inside I'm fading to black I'm fading An oath by the blood of my hand I won't break it, I can taste it, the end is near, I swear I'll make it, of course I'll make it. A beating heart of stone

Lyrics of Eminem - Tone Deaf
Which is so weird 'cause I'm forty-eight now that 5-0 start sneaking up on me like a squad car (Woo) I'll be an old fart but you don't want a part so bitch don't start (don't start ) Simmer down pull yourself together Mozart I ain't going nowhere call me coleslaw 'cause I'm after the cabbage and I'm so raw and when time is money you got...

Songtext von Juice WRLD - My Life In A Nutshell
Heaven is so far away, I'm starting to love hell. They know me for my talent, my talent, but don't know what my pain feels like. These recipes I fulfill. I'll never heal the pain and found that I'm leaving, but I'm more lost than found, I know I feel so cold in L.A. like I'm sitting at home, Chicago

Eminem - Talkin' 2 Myself Songtext
The new me is back to the old me. And homie, I'm showing no signs of slowing down. Oh, and I explode everywhere. My life isn't a movie anymore, but the show isn't over homos. I'm back with a vengeance, homie. Weezy, chin up, T.I., chin up. Kanye, cheer up, don't let up.

Lyrics of Eminem - You're Never Over
Lord I'm so grateful, please don't think I'm not grateful, I am. Just give me the strength I need for one more day to get through. So homie this is your song I dedicate it for you I love you Doody The days are cold I live without you The nights are long I'm getting older I miss the old days thinking of you

Yelawolf - Hot Texts
Said he was an Eminem fan so I gave him an autograph and said on his behalf: And I never use that frugal American please take two with me. Get a pair of new Chucks and put them in the backseat, right next to the other fifty pairs I'm going to put them on now, that's it, I'm fresh as fuck I'm changing like I never had shit to wear, like I never had any had a new whip to clean

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